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Territory Guides

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Territory Guides

Post by Volt on Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:50 pm

Flickering Tongues

Flickering Tongues is the territory of the Chimera. The ground is scorching under your feet and the air is filled with choking ashes. The few trees that remain are bare of leaves and burnt and blackened all over, small flares of fire still growing. The fire waves about like flickering tongues, hence the territory's given name. The ground is made of sharp flint, stone, and gravel, with patches of dead, blackened grass here and there. Small water puddles can be seen here and there. The land is populated with small crow-like birds with a trail of fire following them, called Firows, which is what the Chimera prey on, along with Blazers, which are fiery deer with blazing antlers. Flickering Tongues borders Burning Sparks, territory of the Sun Wolves, and the orb of the mysterious four-species face.

Burning Sparks

Burning Sparks is the territory of the Sun Wolves. It has more grass than Flickering Tongues does, yet non-burned patches are thought to be rare. There are also more trees, yet with few leaves that are burned and crisp around the edges. It is said that the fire sparks in the place never die, they always keep glowing, keep growing. The ground is, of course, softer than the one of Flickering Tongues, yet still sharp and crackling. Finding water is not hard - all one has to do is search in the less-burnt parts of the area. Sun Wolves, like Chimera, prey on Firows and Blazers, and also small, fire-resistant lizards. Burning Sparks borders Flickering Tongues, territory of the Chimera, and the orb of the mysterious four-species face.

Flying Hail

Flying Hail is the territory of the Barghest. The ground is soul snow and ice, perhaps a bit of grass here and there, although it is sure to be stiff inside an icicle. The air is cold and your breath freezes, and almost everything, such as trees, that are alive yet don't move, are frozen. Snow and hail falls 24/7, it never stops. The hail is fat, chunky, and thick, and if anyone other than the Barghest get hit by it they are sure to be injured. Puddles are frozen as well, although the Glaciers get moisturized by opening their mouths and catching snowflakes on their tongue, for the snowflakes are large as well. Barghest prey on snowy owls, wolves, and foxes that are all smaller than them. Flying Hail borders Freezing Winds, territory of the Frost Lions, and the orb of the mysterious four-species face.

Freezing Winds

Freezing Winds is the territory of the Frost Lions. It too is freezing cold, -20 degrees. Few patches of grass can be seen, and your breath is sure to freeze. It's not as cold as Flying Hail, yet it is still unlivable to anyone but the Frost Lions and Barghest. Never-ending snow falls from the sky, sometimes hailstorms as well. Most puddles are frozen but you can see some non-frozen ones, but of course icy cold. Frost Lions prey on the same creatures that the Barghest do - snow owls, wolves, and foxes. Freezing Winds borders Flying Hail, territory of the Barghest, and the orb of the mysterious, four-species face.


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