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Volt the Daring

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Volt the Daring

Post by Volt on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:40 pm

[Image or Reference Picture Here]
Personal Info
Name: Volt
Alias: Vole; Leader
Gender: Female
Age: 36 Y/O
Species: Barghest
Personality(At least 1 Paragraph!(5-7 sentences)): Volt is very cunning and daring. She's fast and swift, although a bit large. Volt tends to get out of trouble by tricking her foes, even though her strategy doesn't always work. She's willing to do anything and everything - even if it means breaking her neck. She's a loyal Barghest that is a good, strong leader for the Barghest Tribe.
Likes: Snow

Dislikes: Heat

Being Slow
Being Fooled
Fears: Global warming (technically underground warming but whatever)

Size: 9' 7"
Eye color: Amber
Fur/Scale color: Dark gray and white
Objects/clothing: None
Appearance: Vole has ragged, dark gray and white fur. She has blazing amber eyes and a long, bushy tail with powerful limbs and sharp claws and slightly yellowed teeth.

Tribe Information
Tribe: Barghest Tribe
Rank: Alpha
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A (Open, Barghest only, PM me)
Younglings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Being tall and powerful
Weaknesses: Getting fooled and having to fight (Volt can fight extremely well but she is better at tricking than fighting, and can be caught off guard sometimes)
Combat Style: Volt usually tries to trick her enemies into not fighting her or giving her a chance to attack.

History: Volt was born to two Barghest scouts. She followed their pawsteps and became a scout, along with a mentor to a few apprentice scouts, before claiming the beta rank and finally the alpha.
RP Sample: Volt thundered through the ice and snow, the white layers so thick that her humungous feet barely caved in. She was chasing a snow owl that's flight was not great and was only a leap away. Volt lunged and her massive jaws snapped on the creature's ribcage, crushing it and quickly ending it's life. "Easy prey," she mumbled to herself as she tossed the thing into the air and gulped it up in one bite and a lick of her jaws. "What's even better is that there's more to come."


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